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Lauren joins WellPet
28th December 2017

Lauren Brecher has been appointed as the new Whimzees brand manager at WellPet.  
In her new role, Lauren will provide strategic leadership managing global brand initiatives for Whimzees and serve as a key part of the WellPet marketing team.
In addition to having a BA in Government from Harvard, Lauren has extensive brand management experience, previously working with companies such as Jack Morton Worldwide and Domino’s Pizza. 
“To help manage the explosive growth of Whimzees as a leader in the pet dental category, our team is incredibly fortunate to have someone of Lauren’s experience and leadership abilities to help manage the brand,” said Jeff Camosci, global vice president marketing for Whimzees. 
“Lauren will be a key addition to help drive our business growth and she embodies Wimzees’ commitment to excellence, innovation and quality.”