News Laughing Dog Makes Date With Kong



Laughing Dog makes date with Kong
9th October 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Laughing Dog, one of the few pet food manufacturers in the UK to make its entire range of dog food from start to finish on its family farm, has created a 2020 calendar in partnership with dog toy brand Kong.

The two pet businesses ran a nationwide competition to find Britain’s favourite Kong stuffing recipes. The calendar, entitled ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’, will feature the 12 winners each along with their recipe and a photo of their four-legged friends.

For every calendar sold, £1 plus VAT will be donated to the Guide Dogs UK charity. Plus, Kong will be donating a toy to the Guide Dogs for every five calendars sold.

Elselien Wijnsouw, European marketing manager at Kong, said: “We are very excited to work with the natural baked company Laughing Dog and we are looking forward to working on further projects with the team to raise awareness of Laughing Dog and Kong. ”

Mitchell Pearson, fundraising co-ordinator at Laughing Dog, added: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work directly with our Laughing Dog customers to show off their innovative ideas for dog-treat combinations. We know that our natural baked Laughing Dog treats are a firm favourite with Kong, especially with them being the perfect fit. Kong has been a lovely company to work with and we are very proud of the collaborative calendar as a result of our partnership.”