Lamb Is Having A Wheelie Good Time


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Lamb is having a wheelie good time
23rd January 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

An injured lamb has been given a new lease of life. Alistair Jenkin found Lamby in a field when she was only two days old and he has been caring for her since then.
The eight-month-old lamb was thought to have been abandoned by her mother and one of her legs appeared to have been trodden on. Her leg was splintered, had developed abscesses, and she had forgotten how to walk.

Alistair, from Market Drayton, Shropshire, decided to build a wheelchair out of scrap wood.

However, it was too cumbersome for Lamby and weighed her small frame down, the Mirror reported.

Alistair searched online for alternatives to help Lamby walk and came across Wheels4dogs, a website offering specially-designed wheelchairs for pets.

Becky Neal, the company owner, said: “Alistair got in contact with me to enquire if one of my wheelchairs would suit a sheep and thankfully I have already had some successful sheep wheelchair users.”