Kitten Goes Down Down Down The Drainpipe


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Kitten goes down, down, down the drainpipe
9th August 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

A tiny kitten is recovering after being rescued from a drainpipe.

The four-week-old kitten drew a crowd after he got stuck down the narrow pipe in a car park in Hook, Hampshire.

Animal collection officer Philip Hamilton arrived at Bartley Wood Business Park to save the young cat.
He said: “It wasn’t an easy rescue as he was well and truly stuck. I’m used to dealing with snakes but this tiny kitten proved to be a slippery one and it took several attempts to get him out.

“He was a little bit shaken up but otherwise okay. The staff who called us said they’d also seen a mum and three other kittens but unfortunately they ran away before we arrived.”