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Kiss, marry or avoid!
5th February 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Pet Trade Solutions founder Lynda Ward is warning people to to beware of unrealistic promises from potential employers.

She says the pet trade is ‘becoming littered with people who have innocently taken assurances of high commissions and bonuses at face value and are now ruing the day after reality has hit‘.

Amongthe worst cases are good, experienced sales people who have worked hard, used their contacts and even developed strategies for businesses, to be told a few months on that sales are not high enough to sustain their employment.

She said: “After 35 years I have at some point worked with or have knowledge of most companies in the industry and have a good idea which to, in effect, ‘kiss, marry or avoid’. 

“I am regularly asked by people what I think about companies who approach them and, of course, my advice is always given in strict confidence. 

“I hate to see people go down the wrong route in understandable eagerness to climb the career or salary ladder. In the past I have warned employers to be wary of bloated claims on cvs but now I’m warning employees that there are many brand owners with an inflated idea of what they can actually pay.”