News King British Rolls Out The Royal Treatment



King British rolls out the royal treatment
28th January 2019

By Sandra Pearce

King British has launched a consumer campaign, Give your fish the Royal Treatment, and is encouraging aquatic retailers to join in.

Dr Sue Huggett, UK business manager, said: “Our aim at King British is to ensure that all fish are looked after according to their environmental, behavioural and nutritional needs. With our ‘Give your fish the Royal Treatment’ consumer campaign, we are beginning with nutrition, and want to encourage new and existing fishkeepers to think more about the food they feed their fish.”

Central to the campaign is King British Fish Flake with Immuno Health Booster. For a limited time, King British is giving consumers the opportunity to ‘Try me for £1’.

It has also designed a purpose-built floor-standing unit to hold the promo pots, which is free for retailers when they order the required number of cases of ‘Try me for £1’ pots of King British Fish Flake.

It has been designed to ‘take up the minimum amount of floor space while achieving maximum impact’, and can make a focal point for a fish food display, be positioned near tanks as a product suggestion or by the till to encourage impulse buys.

Also available are shelf wobblers, branded micro-fibre towels which are more absorbent and ideal for mopping up spills during tank maintenance, and a set of eight tank stickers which can be used to aid customers in their fish selection and retailers with their sales. Each sticker tells the customer a little about the fish, the kind of environment it likes and which King British fish food is suitable.

Sue added: “IHB is an immunomodulator, which means it helps to regulate the immune system. In an aquarium or pond, fish are in an unnatural environment and are constantly exposed to low levels of infection.

“Adding IHB to their diet helps boost their immune defence mechanisms, helping them to fight off infections and parasites more effectively, and decreasing the risk of low-level infections developing into full-scale problems.

“In King British trials, 97% of fishkeepers reported improvements in vitality, colour, general health or an inclination to breed after being fed with King British Fish Flake (with IHB), so not only does it provide fish with all the nutrition they need, but it also helps support their overall health.”