King British Launches Catfish Campaign



King British launches catfish campaign
6th February 2018

By Sandra Pearce
King British wants to educate fish keepers that specialist fish need specialist food, and has launched a consumer campaign, Fuel your Catfish Crew.
It says catfish are surrounded in myth, the most common being that plecs are happy living on a diet of algae alone, leading to some keepers buying them to ‘clean’ the algae from their tanks, but neglecting to provide them with the required nutrition. 
Samantha Griffiths said: “Our aim at King British is to ensure that all fish are looked after according to their needs. Fish are an important member of the family, and should always be given tailored nutrition so they can live long, happy and healthy lives.”
To help retailers communicate the ‘Fuel your Catfish Crew’ campaign message and ensure their customers are feeding their catfish a complete diet, King British has created an eye-catching counter display unit (CDU) which includes the Complete Guide to Catfish, an informative document which will give your customers key information about looking after their catfish and help dispel catfish myths. 
Also available are tank stickers and shelf wobblers, designed to draw attention to the King British Specialist Food Range and help lift products off the shelves.
The King British Specialist Food Range has been developed to provide all types of catfish with a complete diet, and includes King British Algae Wafers, King British Catfish Pellets and King British Plecostomus Tablets.
To raise awareness further, King British is running a competition via its Facebook page. Fish keepers just need to upload a photo of their catfish crew to be in with a chance of winning.
Brand new for King British customers is the King British Trade Only Facebook group. This allows trade customers to stay up-to-date with King British’s latest products, fish-related news and downloadable advertising material, such as social media content and product pictures. 
To join, simply search ‘King British Trade Group’ on Facebook.