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Just William!
30th January 2019

By Robert Ellis

An elderly moggy, which is one of the UK’s oldest cats, is still causing mischief at the age of 23.

Despite William the cat having had a few health scares, regular trips to the local vet and the occasional bowl of his favourite treat – spaghetti bolognese – have kept him happy and healthy.

Helen Corrie, from Winstanley, Greater Manchester, adopted William,  who is 108 in human years,  in 1995 when he was less than one.

Helen said: “William is such a special cat and is still incredibly perky and active for his age.

“He has an annual check-up and blood test to make sure he is fit and healthy and it was recommended we put him on a special renal diet as older cats are susceptible to kidney problems. But he still loves his spaghetti bolognese when I make it for supper.”