News Jollyes Bans Bunny Sales Over Easter



Jollyes bans bunny sales over Easter
1st April 2021

By Justine Thompson

Nationwide pet store Jollyes is taking action to protect pets over Easter by putting a temporary ban on bunny sales in place.

It is also warning owners not to give chocolate to their dogs.

Rabbits will not be on sale from Thursday 1 April to Monday 5 April, to remove the temptation of impulse purchases and prevent the risk of unwanted bunnies being abandoned after Easter.

Jollyes commercial director, Chris Burns, said: “Rabbits are one of our most popular pets, but a bunny is not just for Easter and we don’t want to see these lovely animals abandoned once the holiday is over.

“Rabbits are very intelligent and a lot of fun, but they can live for over ten years so it is a big commitment and we encourage people to do their research and make sure they know what’s involved.”
Jollyes is making sure pampered pooches don’t miss out on the seasonal fun by selling dog-safe Easter eggs and treats. It says new owners who bought their pets during lockdown should be aware that chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic for dogs.  

As a safe alternative, Jollyes has range of chocolate-free Easter eggs and bars on sale across all its 67 UK stores, including Tail Twister Woof Bars for £1 and Easter Choc Egg for Dogs at £2.

Jollyes’ buyer Natasha Wisbey said: “We all enjoy tucking into delicious Easter eggs and treats at this time of year, but not everyone knows that chocolate can make your dog poorly and can even be fatal.
“No matter how tempting, don’t give in and let your dog have a taste of your Easter egg or a nibble of your chocolate bar. Instead, give them a chocolate-free alternative such as one made from carob.
That way, you and your dog can enjoy Easter without all the worry and expense of a trip to the vets.”