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Job is the cat’s whiskers
14th November 2018

By Robert Ellis

LOCATION: a small Greek island paradise in a nature reserve on Syros, with views of the Aegean.

JOB: to look after 70 cats for four hours a day.

This is from the job advert that Joan Bowell, founder of God’s Little People Cat Rescue, posted on the shelter’s Facebook page.

Joan and her husband, Richard, first went to Greece on holiday 20 years ago. Today, the population of Syros is estimated at 25,000 people, while stray cats number about 3,000.

Joan said: “I couldn’t stand how bad they looked and the conditions they lived in. Cats in Greece are considered pests, like rodents… We talked about how wonderful it would be to build our own house and help the cats.”

According to the Observer, she asked for others to share the post far and wide – and the ad went viral resulting in  35,000 applications. She said: “We couldn’t have imagined this kind of response, but it’s been inspiring, sobering and quite distressing to read people’s reasons for applying.”

The job comes with a small house, a car, all expenses paid and a salary of £450 per month. Among the hopefuls, there’s a self-confessed catman from Australia; a teenager from Mexico with permission from her parents; and a woman from Indonesia whose application stated: “Want job. Please call.”