Jbl Heads For Japan



JBL heads for Japan
2nd May 2018

By Sandra Pearce
JBL is giving 40 enthusiasts the chance to visit the koi breeders of Niigata in Japan as part of its next expedition.
JBL hosts regular expeditions to different parts of the world, which in the past have included trips to the Amazon. This latest experience to Japan includes a trip to Ryukyu Island for the group to conduct research into the region’s coral reefs, around the island of Ishigaki. 
A spokesman said: “The reefs are in an extraordinarily good condition and we want to find out whether the water values mirror this optimal condition. The diving and snorkelling team can look forward to lots of exciting encounters with sea snakes and mantas, which will be around while they carry out their water analyses.”
Other places on the itinerary include the jungle-covered island of Iriomote to study the flora and fauna of rivers that flow into the mangrove areas of the sea with a chance of seeing monos and rare blowfish. 
He added: “The lower the salinity, the more beautiful Stiphodon gobies are to be seen. The fewer predators there are, the more shrimps. Long-arm shrimps as large as 30cm live fearlessly in the last clear water puddle at the foot of the waterfall. 
“Next to the river terrarium enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth: metallic beetles huddled in a group, lizards and beautiful spiders galore, all offer the ideal background for biotope research onshore.”
Applications are now open for tThe 14th JBL Expedition, to take place in October 2019, costing approx €4,800. For more information, visit www.jbl.de/en/expeditions