News Ivc Evidensia Expands In France



IVC Evidensia expands in France
18th January 2022

By David Rees

IVC Evidensia has completed the acquisition of French veterinary group VetOne.

The group of over 200 hospitals and clinics located across France covers all aspects of veterinary care.

Following the acquisition, Steve Rosengarten, currently chief executive of VetOne, will assume operational responsibility for the combined group as chief executive of Wivetix, while Patrick Govart will remain as president of IVC Evidensia France.

Rosengarten said: “We are delighted to join IVC Evidensia to create the absolute French leader in quality veterinary care. The strength of an international group, our family spirit, our decentralized and learning approaches, and our common values form an unparalleled environment for our employees.”

IVC Evidensia claims to be the largest group of its kind in Europe, with more than 1,500 practices across 11 countries.