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It’s Chico time!
9th June 2020

A dog that ran way from home in the middle of the night ended up alerting police of his missing status himself!

Cops at Odessa Police Department, in Texas, were shocked when Chico the German shepherd mix, who did not have an ID tag, just walked in. The officers played some games with the dog before it decided to run out again.

The officers posted pictures they had taken of Chico on their Facebook page, writing: “He was given lots of love and attention until he decided it was time for him to leave. He let himself out and after an exhausting search was not found.”

Chico’s owner, Edward Alvarado, only knew what had happened the next morning when his nephew texted him after seeing pictures of Chico on social media.

Edward told NewsWest 9: “He asked me, ‘Is that Chico?’. I came outside and checked but he was there already. That’s kind of cool. He knows where to go!”

Sergeant Rusty Martin said: “The owner responded the next day [to say that] it was his dog and he had returned home. He lives about a mile from the station. I was impressed. He may just be cut out for this work.”