Ipn Joins The Amazon Dash Button Programme



IPN joins the Amazon Dash Button programme
5th October 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN), the UK’s largest independent producer of dry pet food, has launched two Amazon Dash Buttons for the instant online re-ordering of its products.

The Amazon Dash Button is a WiFi connected device that puts the convenience of Amazon’s 1-Click shopping in the home, so customers can re-order their favourite products with the press of a button. With Dash Buttons, Prime members never have to worry about running out of everyday items.

Dan Reeves, marketing manager at IPN – the family-run business that owns the Wagg and Harringtons brands – said: “Wagg and Harringtons have been sold through Amazon for some time, and our consumers love the convenience that brings. Getting heavy bags of pet food from the supermarket and into consumers’ homes has never been the easiest process, so online shopping is crucial for pet owners, especially those with multiple animals to feed.

“The Amazon Dash Buttons for Wagg and Harringtons are set to make that process even more convenient. When stocks are running low, consumers will simply press the button and their pre-selected pet food order will be sent straight to their door with the Prime free shipping.

“Wagg is the number one branded dog food by volume, and Harringtons is currently the largest growing dry dog food brand in the UK in terms of value and volume growth, so the Amazon Dash Buttons for Wagg and Harringtons are set to benefit millions of consumers across the country, reducing their trips to the supermarket and always ensuring a plentiful supply of their pets’ favourite food.”