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Interested in self-serve pet food dispensers?
21st February 2012

Martek Food Systems has launched a fresh approach to bulk merchandising, with the introduction of self-serve dispensing systems, ideal for pet food retailers.

Popular in the US and Europe, the innovative merchandising system allows pet stores to offer dry pet foods in bulk without any packaging, with the opportunity to lower prices while increasing sales and margins. 

Martek Food Systems offers a range of dispensing bins as part of complete merchandising solutions that include purpose-built fixtures, all created to complement retailers’ in-store branding. Bespoke modular systems are designed, manufactured and installed for individual retail outlets to make the most of limited shelf and display space.

Hygienic, attractive and user-friendly, bulk merchandising systems can be used for a variety of dry pet foods. Systems can incorporate gravity bins for free-flowing product including bird seeds and smaller dog, cat and small animal foods, and scoop bins for larger products such as dog biscuits and chews, pigs ears and fat balls.

All bins are made of crystal clear polycarbonate, which has an impact strength 35 times greater than acrylic, making them scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable. Easy to clean and refill, the bins keep the product fresh and promote first-in, first-out stock rotation while minimising smells.

Mike Elliott at Martek Food Systems said: “The concept of bulk dispensing is already incredibly popular in the US, Canada, Australia and many European countries, where both retailers and consumers are enjoying the benefits of this innovative approach to merchandising.

“Studies have shown there is an ‘impulse effect’ when it comes to bulk merchandising displays, as customers can see the product, rather than the packaging, and decide exactly how much to buy. By offering a greater variety of loose pet foods, retailers can benefit from supply chain economies, as well as more efficient stock rotation and improved merchandising appeal. And everyone benefits from reduced packaging and reduced waste.

“In a nutshell, self-dispensing provides pet food retailers with a fresh approach to merchandising that will deliver higher profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impacts.”

Martek Food Systems is the new division of interior solutions specialist Martek, which has been producing bespoke fixtures, fittings and interiors for 30 years to a range of market sectors, including retail, catering, cinema and leisure.