Indonesia Lifts Coral Export Ban



Indonesia lifts coral export ban
18th December 2018

By Sandra Pearce

The Indonesian Fisheries Ministry has rescinded the May 4 order restricting the export of corals, according to the Reefbuilders website.

In a statement, the Indonesian Corals, Shell and Fish Ornamental Association (AKKII) said the coral and anemone ban has been lifted and that exports ‘should be allowed again very soon’.

It did, however, caution that resumption could take some time and that there could be some regulation changes.

It said: “This trade ban has been disastrous for many peoples in this industry around the world, with many collectors, exporters, farmers, shop owners closing down during the summer. But it’s great news that it has been lifted, and we can enjoy once more the beauty of Indonesian corals.

“Nevertheless, it’s time for this industry to stop taking these corals for granted, and accept their real value.”

The first two months of Indonesia’s coral export ban resulted in an estimated loss of US$2m (£1.5m) and thousands of jobs, according to Ornamental Fish International.

AKKII said collection had to be sustainable, that regulations needed improving and that responsible stakeholders were involved to ensure ‘the benefit of all’.

It said: “Our thought for the thousands of Indonesian farmers that held off that many long months without any income, and kept on taking care of all these cultured corals, all but for our own pleasure.”