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In a bit of a prickle
18th November 2019

By Robert Ellis

Four orphaned baby hedgehogs have been saved thanks to an Oxfordshire vet practice.

The tiny hedgehogs, including a rare albino, were handed into The Veterinary Surgery, at Stanford-in-the-Vale, near Faringdon, after being found wandering in daylight in a nearby cemetary by a member of the public.

They were so tiny and dehydrated that it is believed they would not have survived had they not have been found.

After receiving emergency fluids injected under their skin, the hedgehogs, which were believed to be only four weeks old, had to be fed special cat food through a syringe.

Head nurse Katie Owens said: “They were all squeaking at each other when we reunited them, but mum was nowhere to be found.
“It’s possible the nest was disturbed by a predator and she fled or, more likely, that she was killed on the busy road near the cemetery.”

Nurses at the practice have named them Tommy, Chanel and Rebecca and the albino has been called Marilyn after blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn would have been especially vulnerable as albino hedgehogs are tempting prey to predators because they are so visible.

While her brothers and sisters will be released into the wild, she will be rehomed into an enclosed garden.