Ignore These Smears Treats Maker Asks



Ignore these smears, treats maker asks
15th May 2017

The founder of a natural treats company claims that a number of false allegations have been made against him and that some of his customers have been subject to ‘abusive, malicious tweets, emails and telephone calls’.

Tony Davenport, a director of Petcor, maker of Veni-Dog products, says the ‘campaign of harassment and false allegations’ is being carried out by an estranged member of his family and centres on the failure of a development project in South Africa 17 years ago.

He told pbwnews: “Veni-Dog stockists and other customers of Petcor are requested to ignore this campaign of harassment which is totally unfounded and completely unrelated to Petcor’s business, which is booming. Demand for Petcor’s venison treats and other products is escalating to the extent that the company’s production capacity is shortly to be doubled.”

Tony said that in 1993, he established a Start-Up Fund, a non-profit organisation mainly financed by Khula Enterprise Finance, owned by the South African government. He says that, apart from a salary for a few months at the beginning, he did not receive payment in the seven years that he served the fund and in fact ‘made a substantial donation’ to it.

The Fund had aimed to provide micro finance to thousands of ‘survivalist entrepreneurs’ in the informal sector of the South African economy and operated ‘with significant success for six years’. Towards the end of 1999, Khula Enterprise Finance encouraged Tony to expand the Fund’s outreach and introduced a new loan programme, which proved unsuccessful.

He said: “At all times, strenuous efforts were made in good faith to administer the Start-Up Fund with integrity and efficiency.

“Regular reports and audited accounts were always provided on time. The failure of the Start-Up Fund was entirely due to the failure of the loan programme referred to above – namely, the failure of informal sector clients to repay their loans.”

Tony says that neither he nor his colleagues ever misappropriated any money, and ‘any allegations in this regard were strongly refuted’.

“Accusations of pyramid selling were totally erroneous,” he said. “Being without foundation, allegations against myself that were published in South Africa 16 years ago were never pursued by the South African authorities.”