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Hungry mouths to feed
30th March 2020

By Justine Thompson

NT Labs has added an axolotl pellet to its range of Pro-f aquarium feeds.

Available in junior and adult sizes, Pro-f Axolotl Pellet is a quick-sinking complete food, formulated to meet the dietary requirements of axolotl, newts or African-clawed frogs. The high-protein 3-4.5mm pellets are fortified with vitamins and minerals, while the blend of ingredients makes the feed highly palatable. Fish meal and fish oils give off a strong odour to encourage even the fussiest of feeders.

NT labs says this way of feeding reduces the risk of pathogens associated with live foods. The pellets are low in waste and contain Stimmune to help keep the axolotl healthy. Axolotl junior for smaller axolotls  is a rapid-sinking 1.5mm pellet. From £4.99.