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How to get ‘Zen’ pets
11th September 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Pet Trade Innovations is distributing the new RelaxoPet Pro, billed as ‘the ultimate in subliminal technology for anxious pets.’

RelaxoPet PRO is the combination of five years of research and development working closely with vets, breeders and pet owners. The product influences the brain and the stress reactions in animals, with a sound module providing high-frequency vibrations for deep relaxation to be achieved.

Steve Driver, CEO and founder of Pet Trade Innovations, said: “When the RelaxoPet Pro was brought to our firm we were at first sceptical so we asked our product testers to review the product. The results were astounding.”

“We have a particularly anxious dog on our books, who is known for incessant barking and suffering from horrendous separation anxiety. After a week of using the product, our owner came back to us astonished with the results. Her pooch is so relaxed now that she not only wants to purchase the product when we have it in stock but she actually remarked her dog was practically Zen!”

Pet Trade Innovations will be launching the product at PATS Telford, but has already had so much interest that Steve says it will be available through Amazon and wholesalers within weeks.