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How to ‘read ’ your masked customers
30th July 2020

By Karen Pickwick

As mask wearing is now mandatory in shops, a chart to help shop staff to identify the mood of shoppers is being made available free by retail expert Uncrowd.

The at-a-glance chart, downloadable from, maps 32 eye ‘moods’ to enable staff to diagnose and pre-empt potential problems. Moods range from ‘queue-jumped’ to ‘WTF’.

Uncrowd boss Richard Hammond said: “Good retailers can read their customers like a book, but if their mouths are hidden behind masks, it’s a bit harder to work out what they’re thinking and feeling. Our at-a-glance guide should help to check the mood of a customer.

“2020 vision was supposed to mean perfect eyesight. This year, with the pandemic and mask-wearing, it’s taken on a slightly different meaning.”
Uncrowd, a London-based start-up, helps retailers to work out how best to appeal to customers by rating service and experience against 82 variables.