News Hounds Protest Against Dog S Dinner Brexit



Hounds protest against ‘dog’s dinner’ Brexit
5th October 2018

By Robert Ellis

The Wooferendum – a ‘campaign by dogs’ to stop Brexit – is going viral in the UK.

Organisers say the movement has seen dogs of all types and ages join forces to demand a people’s vote on Brexit.

Photos of dogs posing with ‘Stop Brexit #Wooferendum’ signs have been appearing in cities around the UK – and on social media pets are apparently posting pictures of themselves.

On Sunday (October 7), an estimated 5,000 dogs and their human companions are expected to march through central London to Parliament to call for a public vote.  
Daniel Elkan, who, for months, has been canvassing the opinions of canines and their owners, said: “As man’s best friend, we can see that Brexit is a real dog’s dinner.

That’s why canines all over the country are starting a Wooferendum, howling on behalf of the millions of people in the UK who believe Brexit is a huge mistake.

“It’s time for us to get pawlitical and take a stand and send Brexit to the doghouse…
“The enthusiasm for Wooferendum has been incredible… We want to create the biggest bark in history – by the dogs, for the people. The campaign might seem barking mad but it’s not as mad as Brexit.”