Hor See Hor See Don T You Stop


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Hor-see, hor-see, donít you stop
24th April 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A blind man with a phobia of dogs has found an unusual solution.

Mohammed Salim Patel, from Blackburn, Lancashire, is to become the first person in the UK to receive a guide horse.

Digby is an eight-month-old American miniature horse that will help navigate Mohammed around his everyday activities, it was reported in the Daily Mail.

The tiny horse, from Northallerton, in Yorkshire, lives with trainer Katy Smith and will eventually be trained to take washing from the machine and mop the kitchen.

Luckily for Mohammed, the horse will also be fully toilet trained before he comes to live with him.

Horses began being used for guiding roles as an experimental programme in the early 2000s in the US.