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Homeless giant joins big-hearted family
14th September 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A 100kg mastiff called Galahad – who made news around the world after a Dogs Trust appeal to find his forever home – has been adopted.

Galahad is the biggest dog cared for at Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre at the same weight as a baby elephant. The friendly four-year-old has had a lot of change in his life, so it was important to find him the perfect match.

He is now living with his new family, Colin, Lindy and 15-year-old Matthew Dimmock and their other dog, Odie.

Colin said: “He’s fantastic – he sits, gives you his paw, he comes up and gives you a kiss, he’s met cyclists, tractors, cars, other dogs, and is brilliant with our son, Matthew, who is autistic. He likes everything about Galahad apart from the slobber.

“He’s just starting to play tug. He’ll chase a football down the garden and once he’s punctured it he’ll bring it back. We haven’t found a toy he can’t destroy yet, typically they last about a day!”