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Home again!
23rd April 2020

By Robert Ellis

A cat that spent two years living on a scrapyard has been reunited with its owner.

Cathy Scott, 27, had recently moved to Hessle, the East Riding of Yorkshire, when her cat, Jess, went missing.

She said: “I let him out after a month – they usually say around two weeks – and he never returned.”

Cathy set up a Facebook appeal but said that eventually she gave up hope of ever finding him, reported the Hull Live.

It was only when workmen at a nearby scrapyard came across the appeal that they messaged Cathy to say they had spotted Jess there.

“I’d had quite a lot of messages and I thought, ‘It’s not going to be him’,” Cathy said. “When they sent a picture, I knew straight away it was him.”

Cathy and Jess were reunited. “I don’t think he’s been anywhere else; the workmen had pictures of him sat in the cars”, she added. “It’s only the past month they say he’s been trusting of the workers.”