Hilton Herbs Makes A Slick Move Against Ticks



Hilton Herbs makes a slick move against ticks
28th February 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Hilton Herbs is to distribute Ticks-Off spray in the UK and Europe.
Marketed as ‘Too slick for ticks’, the formula is not designed to kill ticks nor to chemically repel them with toxins. Instead the pesticide-free spray literally prevents ticks from attaching on to a pet’s coat, keeping the animal naturally safe and tick-free.  
Hilton Herbs say Ticks-Off has no negative side effects and can safely and effectively be used in conjunction with all other pest-prevention products. It works to deflect bot fly eggs, too.
“Ticks-off is a wonderful lavender-scented coat-conditioning formulation that improves your pet’s coat and provides show-quality sheen and sleekness,” a spokesman said.
Ticks-Off is available for sale from March with an RRP of £24.95 for 500mls.