News Hilton Herbs Brings Scratcher Pads To Uk



Hilton Herbs brings scratcher pads to UK
13th October 2020

By Karen Pickwick

In collaboration with Scratch n All in the US, Hilton Herbs is bringing its animal scratcher pads and Scratch Me Silly stick to the UK and European market.

The scratch pads are made from a durable rubber material with soft ‘nubs’ that won’t damage sensitive skin. The pads come in a variety of colours, including black, brown, green, blue and purple, and can be linked together to form a large scratching area.

The pads are designed to bend around a doorway or fence post and Hilton Herbs says they are ‘the perfect self-grooming solution’.

Although the pads were originally designed for horses they are suitable for a wide variety of animals, and include a grey ‘soft touch’ for animals with sensitive skin or for small animals.

The Scratch Me Silly stick is designed so that horse and animal owners can scratch sensitive but hard to reach areas on their animal’s body but it can also be used to apply creams and lotions to those ‘hard to reach areas’ while keeping the owner out of harm’s way.