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Here’s a tall tail
1st May 2019

By Robert Ellis

A woman has revealed that she dyed her great Dane pink and even paints her nails in a bid to stop strangers being afraid of her.

After owning four great Danes, Jessica Williams, 21, noticed that strangers were often frightened of the dogs because of their size.

She decided to dye her five-month-old puppy, Drama, bright pink and purple, even painting her nails, reported the Mirror.

Jessica, from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, said: “People are generally scared of big dogs and I’ve noticed that some people might not approach my dogs as much as little ones. With them being dyed, it makes it easier to socialise them because not nearly as many people are afraid – especially when they’re pink and purple.”

Jessica has since noticed that her dog attracts more positive attention now, but also admitted she has received backlash from people who believed it is cruel.

“Most people love it, but others hate it and think she’s embarrassed.

“A lot of people don’t realise that the dye is really safe and start to think it’s cruel, so I make sure I tell everyone that it’s a safe dye and doesn’t harm Drama at all.”