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Help! I need somebody
16th July 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

Ringo Starr, the dog that is, got into a fix with some furniture.

The Yorkshire terrier, named after The Beatles drummer, was found with his head stuck in a TV unit. The owner of the terrier puppy heard cries from Ringo and rushed downstairs to find him stuck. The eight-week-old’s head was poking through a hole in the unit and was completely fast, leaving his owner, Verity O’Neill, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, extremely worried.

Verity and a friend attempted to free Ringo themselves but were concerned about his delicate body so they phoned the RSPCA and inspector Anthony Joynes arrived to free the dog.

Anthony said: “Poor Ringo Starr was very uncomfortable and panicked, but the hole was fairly tight and I wasn’t able to free him at first, so with his owner’s permission we quickly grabbed some vegetable oil from the kitchen to gently rub around his neck to help loosen him and, with some very careful manoeuvring, Ringo’s head slid out of the cabinet and he was free.

“I was a little concerned that Ringo Starr might be a bit sore from the ordeal, so I popped him to a local vets for a check-up.”