Hear No Evil See No Evil


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Hear no evil, see no evil
19th January 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

Two unusual cats are looking for a new home.

Ross the rescue cat has no ears and his mum, Rachel, is blind, but staff at RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre, in Surrey, are trying to keep them together.

The pair were rescued last autumn after locals in East Grinstead, Sussex, reported them as being abandoned.

Rachel had been seen bumping into things and was afraid to leave a garden where residents had been feeding her and Ross, reported the Metro.

RSCPA officer Louis Horton said: “It’s not clear whether the cats had been dumped locally or were feral felines who were facing some health problems.

“Ross had to have his ears removed due to skin damage. But he’s all right now – he loves nothing better than snoozing with his mum and having a fuss made over him.”

Tony Shaw, deputy manager at South Godstone, added: “These poor cats haven’t had it easy and the mum is approaching her senior years.

“We believe Rachel is 13, if not older, and has completely lost her sight. While poor Ross, who is around five years old, has had to have both ears amputated.”

“The pair need a forever home where they’ll be the only pets in an adults-only home.”