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Harringtons launches new TV ad
11th October 2018

By Sandra Pearce

The UK’s fastest-growing pet food brand, Harringtons, launches a new national TV campaign this week.

The ad, which was filmed across multiple locations in the Yorkshire region, shows dogs coming together from all across the land – from the beaches, the towns and villages. They run across streams, down valleys, over walls and up hills. All dogs, big and small, join together to raise a flag with the message of Natural for All.

The 30-, 20- and 10-second ads will air from today (October 11) across prime-time slots on terrestrial and Sky/Digital channels as well as through Sky’s AdSmart platform. In addition to this, sponsorship idents will feature alongside Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet.

The campaign positions Harringtons as the brand for all dogs and owners across the UK, knowing that owners want to give their pets the best they can, taking the natural message and turning it into a mission, a campaign on behalf of dogs.

Dan Reeves, marketing manager at IPN, said: “With pet owners more aware of what goes into their pet’s food and looking for the reassurance of a more natural diet, Harringtons has been at the forefront of satisfying this demand by being made with natural ingredients without having to pay a price premium of other similar specialist brands.

”We’re excited by this campaign. It is bigger, bolder, more epic and one that will drive our market leading growth even further and become the number one dry dog brand in 2019.”

The 30-second ad is available to view on the Harringtons YouTube Channel here.