News Harringtons Is Uk S Most Googled Dog Food



Harringtons is UK’s most Googled dog food
24th September 2021

By Justine Thompson

Harringtons ranks as the UK’s most searched dog food brand on Google, with 274,000 searches a year. That’s according to pet insurance experts at

Taking a list of over 60 dog food brands from Pets at Home, the pet insurance website found the most Googled dog food brands in the UK.

Royal Canin, with 259,000 searches a year, came second in the survey, and the Pets at Home exclusive brand, Wainwright’s, took third position with 134,700 searches a year.

Pet insurance expert Salman Haqqi said: “With such a plethora of dog food brands out there, whether you have a dog with a sensitive tummy, a puppy, an older dog that requires more nutrients or a pup that needs to go on a diet, there's a food option available to suit your canine companion.

“It’s no secret that having a dog can be expensive and dog food is no exception to that. Before choosing a food that’s right for your pet, make sure you’re factoring other costs, such as vet bills, pet insurance, doggy daycare if needed, and those extra treats we like to spoil our dogs with.”

The top 10 searched dog food brands:
1 Harringtons 274,000 searches
2 Royal Canin 259,000
3 Wainwright’s 134,700
4 Ava 122,300
5 Chappie 108,400
6 Lily’s Kitchen 104,700
7 James Wellbeloved 101,800
8 Burns 97,500
9 Skinner’s 93,000
10 Arden Grange 84,900