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Hard to swallow
11th September 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A dalmatian was left feeling under par after he swallowed a golf ball.

Owner Jack Harvey took the dog to the PDSA’s Pet Hospital in Edinburgh, where vets were shocked after an X-ray revealed that Pongo had eaten the golf ball he found on a walk.

PDSA vet Gemma Hepner said they initially suspected that Pongo was suffering from bladder stones, a
common ailment for Dalmatians.

“We were primarily looking at the bladder” she said, “but the X-ray captured his stomach – we could clearly see a foreign body in there.

“We knew it was a ball of some kind by the shape but couldn’t tell exactly what type. It was too big for him to pass and there was a real risk it could cause a fatal blockage in his stomach or his intestines if it were to move, so we had to operate to remove it.”

Jack, from Muirhouse, outside Edinburgh, was shocked when he learned what had happened.

He said: “I often walk him by a local golf course and he likes to play with the stray golf balls, but I’ve never seen him swallow one!”

Pongo’s surgery went well and he was allowed to go home the same day.