News Happy 10th Birthday Omiros



Happy 10th birthday, Omiros
18th September 2019

By Sandra Pearce

The Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay is celebrating its resident turtle’s ten-year anniversary.

The loggerhead sea turtle, known as Omiros, arrived at Newquay’s local aquarium 10 years ago. Rescued off the coast of Greece, the 45-plus-year-old turtle has been living at the aquarium ever since.

Lara Heaney, displays supervisor, said: “Omiros was found with a fish hook wounding his eye, eventually leading to blindness in both eyes. He wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild on his own so he lives here and is cared for by our team of aquarists.

“We target feed him so he gets his daily meals and he touches the sides of the ocean tank so he can feel his way. He’s such a great character, we love having him here.”