News Halal Cat Food Launched In Uk



Halal cat food launched in UK
2nd August 2021

By Karen Pickwick

This month sees the arrival in the UK of Tiana cat food – thought to be the world’s first halal-approved cat food range made with human-grade ingredients using freeze-dried technology.

Tiana is the brainchild of senior petfood buyer Pankaj Hurria, who became intrigued when a family friend asked if any halal-friendly cat food might become available in the foreseeable future because the current void meant that she and her friends had to spend countless hours either tracking down fish-themed brands or creating home-cooked recipes that might unintentionally be light in essential feline nutrients.

Pankaj, only too aware of the current explosion in cat ownership did a little digging around and realised that even by his most conservative estimates, there were more than 500,000 Muslim cat owners not being accommodated.

Working alongside his friend, Umar, a devout Muslim and owner of full-service communications agency Pie Analysis, which has an unrivalled understanding in the distinct needs of ‘well-educated, millennial/professional Muslim women with moderate religious leanings’ it soon became clear that Pankaj had unearthed a pet food niche when a four-week teaser campaign conducted over Ramadan quickly generated 5,000 followers.


Initially, Tiana will be available in three distinct trial packs (35gm packs/makes 3.5 meals): Chicken, Fish and a particularly popular Goat, quickly followed by 250g/500gm retail packs that quadruple their volume when water is reapplied. Shrimp will be available from the autumn.

“It makes sense,” said Pankaj, “that a ‘pet humanisation’ movement that already encompasses every conceivable ‘food minority’ interest from grain-free, bio-organic, BARF, vegan…plus a number of dietary specific offerings, (hypoallergenic, joint & teeth health) would ultimately crave a first mover in halal-friendly meals.

“It’s also worth noting that Tiana embraces planet-friendly, freeze-dried thinking that not only ensures that each recipe retains a lion’s share of its taste cues and ‘nutritional worth’ vs old-school heat pasteurisation, it also ensures that 70% moisture isn’t needlessly trundled around the world, using up increasingly scarce resources. As a result Tiana has enviable export potential.”

Tiana says it is already in advanced talks with a number of the UK’s leading nationwide pet food providers.