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Going nuts with glitter!
25th April 2019

By Robert Ellis

A new dog-grooming trend has seen people putting glitter on their pooches’ testicles.

Photos of dogs with decorated private parts are being shared on social media.

Owners have stressed that it’s edible glitter, applied using corn syrup, meaning it’s completely safe, reported the Mirror.

The trend came to light after a picture of one of the dogs was shared on Groomery Foolery, a Facebook page for dog groomers.

The original post has since been commented upon hundreds of times.

One person wrote: “I feel sorry for the dog. People will do anything to an animal and think it is funny. So bad.”
But other people found it funny and were quick to make jokes.
One wrote: “I guess if he is going to lick them anyway you might as well make them tasty.”