News Going Green Offers Opportunity



Going green offers opportunity
16th February 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Sustainability represents a major new ‘growth frontier’ in pet care, according to a new report from

‘From Sustainability to Purpose: Mapping the Opportunity in Pet Care’ explores the primary challenges and drivers that are underlying this global trend.

It then develops a proprietary Pet Care Sustainability Index using three different indicator types to help measure market potential and identify ‘where to play’.

The report concludes by profiling a series of ‘disruptive’ brands that are innovating around sustainability and uses these case studies to develop a ‘how to win’ playbook.

The global briefing offers an insight into the development of the market, highlights ‘buzz’ topics, emerging geographies, categories and trends as well as pressing industry issues. It identifies the leading and emerging companies and brands, offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market, including background information on pet population, pet ownership by household and prepared gap ratio. Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change and criteria for success.