News Going Big With Pond Clarifiers



Going big with pond clarifiers
20th March 2019

By Sandra Pearce

German aquatics manufacturer EHEIM has brought out two larger clarifiers for bigger ponds.

In addition to the existing 7, 9, 11 and 18W EHEIM CLEARUVC clarifiers, there are now the stronger 24 and 36W UVC clarifiers for larger ponds – EHEIM CLEARUVC24 for ponds up to 26,000 (without fish) or 13,000 litres (with fish) and up to 6,500 litres for Koi ponds; EHEIM CLEARUVC36 for ponds up to 36,000 (without fish) or 18,000 litres (with fish) and 9,000 litres for Koi ponds.

A spokesman said: “Both UVC clarifiers can be used individually or in combination with the EHEIM PRESS pond filter set. The outer container is made of shockproof, UV-resistant all-weather plastic and the high-quality UVC lamp has a long service life of approximately 8,000 hours.

“The energy consumption is very low in continuous operation and both models include connectors to fit three different hose diameters (25/32/40 mm).”