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Going a bit nuts
27th January 2020

By Robert Ellis

Squirreling away supplies for winter took on a whole new meaning for a US couple when they discovered an entire stash of walnuts and grass in their car engine.

Holly Persic was driving to a library in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, when she noticed all was not as it should be.

“My wife called me and said that her car smelt like it was burning and was making a weird sound,” Chris Persic said in a Facebook post.

Holly opened the bonnet to find an engine full of walnuts neatly packed in grass, presumably stored there by squirrels when the vehicle had been parked in the open, reported Reuters.

Chris spent almost an hour cleaning out ‘over 200 (not an exaggeration) walnuts and grass from under the hood’, he continued in the post.

The couple seemed to take the incident in their stride. “There’s definitely an angry squirrel wondering where all the nuts went.”