News Giving Plants A Light Boost



Giving plants a light boost
26th September 2018

By Sandra Pearce

EHEIM has launched its classicLED plants, energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED lights with a specifically matched light spectrum.

A spokesman said: “The increased red component makes it good for plants and pleasant to the eye. They are also ideal for replacing T5/T8 tubes. With EHEIM classicLED plants, your underwater landscape appears more natural and the plants grow better.”

The LED lights are available in four lengths from 550-1140mm. The LED strip is easy to install thanks to the extending brackets and can be adapted to fit any aquarium up to 1.20 metres wide.

With a beam angle of 120°, it ensures full illumination to the bottom of the aquarium. The power consumption is between 7.7 and 16.5W, depending on the length. The average life is at least 35,000 hours.