News Getting Aquariums Ready For Instagrammable Aquascaping



Getting aquariums ready for ‘Instagrammable’ aquascaping
29th July 2021

By Justine Thompson

Interpet has launched two new aquarium products – Plant Food and Plant CO2 – so plants receive the right nutrients to enable them to flourish without nitrates and phosphates, encouraging optimum growth without stimulating algae.

Adrian Exell, development and marketing manager, said: “Just like fish, plants need the right food to live, grow and be healthy. And, just as houseplants need CO2, so too do aquatic plants.

“Our Plant Food contains the right nutrients without nitrates and phosphates for your aquarium plants to flourish. It ensures optimum plant growth without stimulating algae too, so your water won’t go green.

“Meanwhile, alongside the correct lighting, our Plant CO2 completes photosynthesis requirements.
“These products are designed to improve plant health and to help with aquarium maintenance. They have been created to ensure fish keepers have an attractive aquarium with healthy, lush, Instagrammable aquascaping to show-off.”