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Get to know your cat
2nd December 2019

By Robert Ellis

International Cat Care has launched three online cat behaviour courses for enthusiasts.

‘Getting to know your cat: An introduction to feline behaviour’ is a six-month course comprising five modules looking at many aspects of feline behaviour such as the impact of domestication.

‘Cat Friendly Introductions: Cats, Dogs and Babies’ lasts for two months and aims to provide the learner with the knowledge to assess whether their home and current cat is likely to accept another cat and how best to choose and introduce a new addition.

‘Advanced Feline Behaviour for Cat Professionals’ is an 18-month, tutor-led course intended to teach the same high level of knowledge to those working with cats in a range of professional capacities such as groomers, boarding catteries and cat sitters.

Students will receive a certificate at the end of study for each course.