News From Furniture To Fish



From furniture to fish
21st October 2021

By Justine Thompson

A new aquatic shop has opened in a former furniture store and will be run by a father-and-son team of enthusiasts.

Lee and Taylor Bakal have set up Family Aquatics in Kings Lynn to sell all manner of aquatic items, including tropical and goldfish, tanks, filter, fish food, and heaters. There will also be a breeding section.

Taylor told the Lynn News: “Lots of people have been knocking on the door to see what’s happening so there is obviously an interest and a need for this kind of shop.

"This was my hobby and during lockdown I was breeding fish. Then I put together a business plan and my dad was interested in getting involved and we saw this premises for rent. Kids will be able to see the breeding section and learn about the fish cycle.”

Taylor, previously a cleaner in Kent, has been hard at work with his father painting the shop blue.