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From cat fall to cast call
10th October 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A cat made it into the limelight after surviving a fall.

Four-year-old Coco, who appeared in a TV campaign for pet food brand Webbox Natural, had dropped from a window – six floors up! Amazingly, she landed on her feet but fractured both sides of her pelvis. The 45ft drop put her in intensive care for three days and led to six months of rest and medication. But since then she has been able to join her sister, Lexie, and half brother, Ozzy, in the advert.

Coco, a ragdoll, was five months old when she fell from a window of owner Jennifer Spence’s former flat in Leeds.
“I dashed to the window and saw Coco on a neighbour’s patio area below – I was horrified,” Jennifer said. “Somehow she had landed on her feet but when I got down there realised straight away that she was quite badly hurt.

“The Webbox Natural advert is her first time in front of the cameras and it’s great to see her in action with Lexie and Ozzy.”