News Frisky Penguins Stall Departure



Frisky penguins stall departure
11th June 2019

By Sandra Pearce

Amorous penguins in temporary accommodation unexpectedly began breeding while their new Sea Life Great Yarmouth home was remodelled, extending their ‘romantic’ trip by weeks.
The passionate penguins were only meant to be housed at Sea Life Scarborough for a brief period in January while their enclosure was remodelled.

However, the love birds began displaying breeding and nesting behaviour earlier than expected, forcing staff to leave them until this part of their annual cycle finished.

Experts attribute this activity to the warmer weather conditions the UK has enjoyed in Spring.

The flock of penguins instead made the 207-mile journey in specially made Vari kennels, arriving at their new and improved enclosure at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth on April 29.