Freshpet To Give Food To Charity



Freshpet to give food to charity
7th November 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Chilled fresh pet food brand Freshpet is to donate cat and dog food to UK animal shelters.

Available from fridges within some Tesco stores, Freshpet is asking the public to nominate charities on social media.

European MD Cathal Walsh said: “Our team at Freshpet is dedicated to donating fresh meals to shelters and rescues as often as we can. We know that fresh pet food makes a difference to the lives of dogs and cats, and can help make pets even more adoptable.

“Our shelter and rescue partners already span across the United States and now we hope to match this success in the UK too.  These shelters are hard-working, kind and giving organisations filled with animal-lovers. We’re proud to work with such incredible groups dedicated to finding loving homes for pets in need.”

The public can nominate a charity by visiting the @Freshpet Facebook page or by tweeting them at @Freshpet.