Former Zookeeper Heads Up Vet Practice



Former zookeeper heads up vet practice
10th July 2018

By Karen Pickwick
A former zookeeper who has worked with lion cubs, pythons and penguins has been appointed practice manager at a Hertfordshire vet practice.
Alexandra Spelzini is responsible for managing the team of 17 at Mimram Veterinary Centre in Welwyn, bringing with her more than 11 years experience working in a similar role at vet practices.
Her most recent role was as practice manager for Village Vets, in St Albans, but it was at Woburn Safari Park where Alexandra first learned to love working with animals of all types whether feathery, scaly or furry. Be it hand rearing lion cubs, handling 23-foot pythons or looking after a tailless wallaby, Alexandra was hooked to the rewarding nature of caring for animals.
Alexandra said: “Originally I wanted to be an officer for the RSPCA but I was told I needed more experience so this is when I started as a zookeeper at Woburn, close to where I lived and went to school.
“I spent a lot of time in the park’s pets corner looking after the farmyard animals, but I would also help with the other zoo animals. A lot of the time it was preparing food for animals and mucking out enclosures but experiences like hand-rearing lion cubs is something you don’t forget.”
Outside of work, Erica enjoys flamenco, martial arts, travelling, and spending time with her two horses, one mule, four dogs and one African grey parrot.