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Flying high again
23rd June 2020

By Robert Ellis

A parrot that was left unable to fly has taken to the skies again after receiving a feather transplant.

Wei Wei, a young green-cheeked conure, had her wings clipped to stop her from flying away, but the feathers were cut too short and, as a result, the bird kept falling to the ground and hurting herself, reported the Daily Mail.

Vet Catherine Apuli, 31, from The Unusual Pet Vets clinic, in Brisbane, Australia, assembled the new wing tips from parts of donated feathers and glued them on Wei Wei’s clipped ones while the parrot was under anaesthetic.

Catherine said: “Wei Wei was then placed in our heated hospital room for a couple of hours before [being] encouraged to fly.

“She flew very well after a few attempts and appeared quite excited that she could suddenly fly.

“Now that Wei Wei has learnt how to fly, she can safely land and manoeuvre herself through the air.”