Fluval Brings Out Substrate For Planted Tanks



Fluval brings out substrate for planted tanks
8th August 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Fluval has launched a substrate that it says is ideal for freshwater planted tanks or for shrimps.

Collected from the mineral-rich foothills of Mount Aso Volcano in Japan, the company says the substrate encourages strong plant growth while its porous structure allows for rapid colonisation of beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

A spokesman said: “It helps support neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for most plants, tropical fish and shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums, and provides newborn shrimp with a refuge from predators until they are large enough to emerge.

“It will not discolour water and helps control organic discolouration when natural driftwood is present.”

Available in 2kg, 4kg and 8kg sizes, with RRPs of £9.99, £18.99 and £35.99 respectively.