News Fluval Brings Out Co2 Kits



Fluval brings out Co2 kits
15th November 2018

By Sandra Pearce

Fluval has launched the Fluval Pressurised CO₂ Kits, which provide all the necessary tools needed to grow aquarium plants.

The disposable cartridge system, which is available in two sizes, sets up in minutes and ensures a consistent stream of carbon dioxide for optimal health and greenery. The kits include regulator valves, support bases and ceramic CO₂ Diffusers to produce ‘the finest of bubbles’.

As well as the complete system kits, the CO₂ range includes CO₂ Indicator Sets to easily monitor CO₂ levels, Ceramic Diffuser to effectively dissolve CO₂ into the aquarium and a Bubble Counter for accurate monitoring of CO₂ dosing.